Terms of use

This is a mailing list in which English or German posts are possible and desirable. If you do not wish to read any of these messages, you can just delete them. Always answer a question in the language, in which it was provided. The translation programs, listed at the end of each email, can assist you with the text of other languages.

If the posts do not interest you, please do not answer in a strident manner, instead just delete the messages. All questions pertaining to genealogical topics are permissible in this list. Please keep in mind that there will also be questions from new entrants, which may seem simple to you. Please reply objectively, we want to help not lecture.

Partisan, global, or short-term political issues as well as religious questions and comments are not permitted in this list. If you want to respond to a participant with whom you are not familiar, please address the person with the formal “Sie” not the casual “Du”. However, if you want to be addressed personally, please add your name in parentheses at the end of the email. Please include a descriptive subject in the subject line. Formulations such as “genealogical research” or “assistance sought” are not very helpful; many members will not give the necessary attention to such posts.

Make sure that the posts are not too long. You can do this by simply deleting previously cited responses, for example, but also through clear text.

Attachments in this list are not possible!

Remain polite and calm despite factual differences. In case of infringement, participants will be deleted from the list without further comment. Aggressive promotional posts by associations or companies are expressly unwelcome in this list!

GenList and its Moderators are not liable for errors, defects or improper use of this page and any subpages. This list is a moderated list; posts which are not compatible with the sense of this list, will not be tolerated. If you have several email addresses, please be sure that posts are written under the registered email address. Posts by non-registered senders are automatically rejected by the system.